Terms & Conditions:
  • Client agrees to pay all entry fees and assumes responsibility for making entries unless prior arrangements have been made for handler to make entries.
  • Client agrees to notify handler as to which shows will be entered. It is further understood that failure of client to enter dog (client forgets, the entry service fails to get the entry in, entries get lost in the mail, etc...) after verbally contracting the handler to show a dog for a specific show or shows will result in assessment of full handling fees for said show(s). Fees will also be assessed in full if client pulls a dog after close of entries. Extreme emergencies will be considered on an individual basis.
  • It is understood that the owner of the dog will assume all costs incurred by handler for any medical treatment by a veterinarian required for the dog while under supervision of the handler. It is further agreed that the handler shall determine the need for any veterinary care for the animal while under their supervision.
  • It is the client's responsibility to advise the handler of any habits the dog may have that could possibly present a problem in giving safe and adequate care in the handlers' facility or at the dog show. It is also the client's responsibility to furnish instructions and medication if the dog is on medication of any kind. All clients are required to keep their dogs shots current per their vet's recommendation.
  • It is understood that the handler, JoAnn Freise, also exhibits dogs that she co-owns or co-bred. In case of ring conflict, priority will be at the discretion of the handler. Owners who have supported the handler consistently and over the longest period of time will have priority. If necessary, a competent substitute handler will be secured to show your dog and the normal handling fee will be charged. In the event that no competent handler is available, the dog will be marked absent and no handling fee will be charged.
  • Payment is due and payable upon receipt of each invoice. A 10% late fee will be assessed on accounts 30 days past due. Any and all disputes regarding payment, which cannot be agreed upon satisfactorily between client and handlers, will be settled in a courthouse of the handlers' choice. It is further agreed that client shall pay any and all reasonable legal fees and court costs should the action become necessary to collect any indebtedness.
  • Unless otherwise agreed to, the owner of the client dog is expected to deliver the dog to the handler in a timely manner, bathed, thoroughly show groomed, and prepared to be shown. If additional grooming needs to be performed by the handler to prepare the dog for showing, an additional charge will be assessed. The owner shall be expected to pick up the dog promptly at the prearranged time and location after the show.
  • A professional photograph will be taken of all major wins, exceptional breed wins, Group or Best in Show wins unless the owner specifies otherwise. The handler will receive at least one photo of these wins at no charge. The owner is responsible for the cost of all photographs, and will be billed by the photographer directly.
  • All ribbons and trophies will be preserved and presented to the owner in a timely fashion.
  • Handler will retain all prize winnings.
Travel Preparation:

The dog owner will provide the following:

  • Copy of current rabies certificate.
  • Copy of AKC registration certificate.
  • Dog food pre-portioned and packaged for individual feedings.
  • Buckle collar with ID tags, microchip is also recommended (please provide ID number)
  • Owner’s 24-hour emergency phone number(s) and cell phone number.
  • Any medications for the dog, with instructions. Bordetella vaccination, heartworm and flea & tick preventative is recommended.

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